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Get Your Tickets Now!!

DeRuyter Central School District Presents:


March 7, 8 & 9th 
7:00 PM
Small Gymnasium

$7.00 each
$10.00 for Streaming Tickets


Now, harken back to the days of Hee Haw on Sunday nights, Petticoat Junction, The Beverly Hillbillies and Red Skelton....
Good, old fashioned fun and laughter!

Now, meet The Sludge family. They are simple country folks who enjoy gardens and home cooking. Enter Jennifer, Trish, Ashley and Amber, 4 city girls whose car broke down and desperately need a telephone (their cell phones don’t get any service out in the “boonies”). The girls, who prefer shopping at the mall and running water, walk into the middle of several family predicaments including a lovers spat, a bad hair day, a miracle tomato growing tonic, a cow impersonating husband and an oversized baby who disappears.
As the girls hang around, waiting for their ride to come, the Sludges and their neighbors warm up to the city girls who try to help them with their problems…but that’s easier said than done. When Jennifer’s fiancée Bobby, finally shows up to take them home, things go from bad to worse and both country and city folk, as well as the audience, learn some valuable life lessons by the time the curtain falls.
Puns, one-liners and silly situations have made this play so much fun to prepare and watch!

Bye, Y'all!
See you at the show!!
Dr. Neal Capone, Superintendent
711 Railroad Street
DeRuyter, New York 13052

Phone: (315) 852-3400
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